COVID-19 Updated…

We have been managing to keep up with essential repairs the last few weeks, running with partial staff and partial hours. The e-mailing and TMS remote cell phone (226-558-2558) has been working well thanks to the co-operation of all our clients.

As of Monday April 27th we will begin booking in more “basic” services such as oil changes, scheduled services and summer tire changes. Everything will be by appointment only. We will run staffing and hours as required, likely still somewhat limited on both accounts to keep any risk to a minimum.

We will only be booking one appointment at a time for those who are required to wait for service as we do not wish to have more than one client in the waiting room at a time out of respect for our staff and clientele. If you are able to drop your vehicle off for service for the day, there will be much a greater chance of scheduling in your service as we can only schedule in 5-6 people per day waiting for their vehicles.

We will start with scheduling Mondays, fill that day and then move on to the next day until each day is full. There will be someone in the office every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday(?) and that is the best time to call and schedule your appointment. Please use the office number (519-942-9876) on those days. If you do not get an answer on the office phone please feel free to continue to contact me on my cell number (226-558-2558) at any time.

Any emergency repairs will still be given priority and we will always find a way to attend to your requirements regardless of  the day.

Our Clients and staff continue to be amazing through all of this and the level of consideration and co-operation has made this time very manageable as everyday has brought us new challenges.

We’re looking forward to hearing from everyone soon.
519-942-9876 (office) / 226-558-2558 (cell)

A COVID-19 notice to our valued customers.

In response to the current COVID-19 situation, we at Total Mechanical have had some complex decisions to make. We have to balance the health and safety of our Staff and Clients while being mindful to the repair needs that you may require. We understand that there are a large majority of us that are reliant on our vehicles.

To serve our clientele and reduce both our Staff and client’s health risks we have decided to operate on restricted hours and perform repairs that are deemed as a necessity.

We are going to begin to take bookings for Monday mornings and continue to fill the day as required. We will continue with appointments until we have satisfied the immediate needs of our clients then close for the remainder of the week. 

I will be available on my personal cell phone (226-558-2558) so you can call me with questions and concerns that you may have. I will be booking essential appointments through my cell phone even when we are closed at our 20 Coles Crescent location.

While we are open, the entire staff will be practicing proper Health and Safety measures as proposed by Public Health (ensuring social distance of 2 metres, proper cleaning and disinfecting, proper hand washing etc..). We ask if you are exhibiting any symptoms please refrain from booking an appointment. If you have just returned from a trip from outside the Country, please advise us of this so we can see if we can assist you while you self-isolate for 14 days.

If you experience an unexpected breakdown we will have measures in place to make our loaner vehicles available to you. As we have four loaner vehicles please be respectful of others and only request the use of them if it is completely necessary.  If this becomes a requirement please call me on my cell phone.

Regarding cell-phone calls, the most efficient way will be to text me your name and phone number and I will call you as soon as I can. I may not always be available to contact you right away but I will return your call as soon as it is possible. 

Please be kind, patient and appreciative of all the individuals that are providing all the services that we require. Health Care workers, grocery and retail Staff, gas station attendees, restaurant takeout Staff, EMS Workers….this list goes on. We could not get through this without them. A smile for everyone that helps you get through your day goes a long way.

As a small business owner of a family run business for 30 years I also encourage you to make “local choices”.  Support the small business owners and their establishments whenever possible. Try and shop local and seek out the businesses owned and operated by local people and families.

Please be aware that this situation is ever-changing and our process will be dynamic as the situation evolves. Please continue to refer to our website and Instagram for updates.

The well-being of our Staff and Clients will take priority.

I am very proud and grateful for the team we have at Total Mechanical Services. Please look after yourselves and others and stay healthy.

Office: 519-942-9876
Cell: 226-558-2558

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